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Top 10 Reasons why you should hire a wedding Planner on your BIG Day!

What all tasks and activities can be handled by the wedding planner to keep you relaxed and stress-free on your Big Day:

1) Plan & Customize Your Wedding:- Yes wedding planners literally lookup for your dream, say from each and every detail, from Mehndi, Sangeet to the wedding day. Planners are there to make your big day the best you will ever witness and they will do their best. Every Indian wedding has no less than three to four back-to-back ceremonies before the big day, therefore they got to hire a marriage planner increases far more. They will be present at each and each step to require care of all of your wedding woes.

2) Staying up to date on the wedding trends & Inspirations: Staying updated with new wedding inspirations and trends in the world of weddings is difficult yet possible or wedding planners and designers, stay updated with all the current market trends and changes that are driving the market and the social media.

A vivid range of wedding themes, colors, designs, new wedding destinations, pre-wedding shoot locations with all the latest touch can add a lot of glamour and grandeur to all ceremonies and functions.

Wedding preparations are all about those tiny and creative detailing’s, who else can know the best of it than a wedding planner, they are all set with the checklist that needs to be done and looked upon on the day!

3) Reduce your stress, just Sit back & Relax!

a) One interesting thing about a wedding planner is to help you with the double burden that you are carrying, with wedding preparations to individual’s wedding looks, guest lists, vendors management, artist management, mehndi & beautician all other types of wedding needs. With the help of a wedding planner is will ease the burden from your shoulders and keep all your energy stored for the big day.

Indian weddings are no less than a gala affair which is agreed by all, to handle and manage that kind of celebration and add that extra wow factor into your ceremonies, you will need the help and guidance of a wedding planner who can take up the complete responsibility in providing the best music, best dancers or best artistic performance to lit the stage on your Dream Day! Also, a special dance performance by the groom and bride or by their families will be the most important and show stopper act for the day.

b) The extraordinary wedding:

With wedding planners, your wedding won’t be sober and usual like any other normal wedding. Wedding planners have a unique touch and feel to the environment, it could be the customized décor or your vivid cuisine food menu which can be enjoyed with peace of mind with your family and all has been taken care of by your wedding planner.

Also, consider all the flashy social media wedding inspirations and the celebrity big fat weddings are curated and executed by the wedding planners.

4) Wider Vendor Network: – The main reason for you to hire a wedding planner is that they deal with a lot of vendors on an everyday basis and have a plethora of options to offer you in choosing the most effective for your big day. From all kinds of venues or locations to decors to food cuisines to wedding designers, they have options that you would not be able to resist.

5) You’re with Professionals:- Since wedding planners specialize in the field of the wedding with experience in arranging all kinds of weddings, they are someone you can ask for any kind of advice or suggestions. You cannot rely only on the advice and suggestions that you receive from your relatives and close ones.

Be it a marriage photographer you’d want to hire or a makeup artist that you simply would want for the day, basically, they got a suggestion for everything and anything that is running on your mind to keep you prepared on the wedding day.

6) Handle’s & Manage your Guestlist:

It’s not an easy job when it comes to family together and with a wedding coming up, all kinds of relatives show up with different tastes and needs that you need to look over, so after you hire a wedding planner, they appear out for all of your wedding requirements from taking care of guest lists to taking care of the guests.

Also if you have invited or are looking forward to some VIP guests at the wedding, it would be best to make sure the wedding planner takes care of their presence and taking care of their needs since family members are generally busy with other things all the time unable to attend each and every guest, so that you can be stress-free and prepared to enjoy on your wedding day.

7) Supervision from curation to completion of the event:-

Due to the ongoing series of functions and celebrations, you just cannot take care of and supervise everything on your own , from food to decor to taking care of guests there is a reason why wedding planners are a blessing in disguise.

Since it’s your wedding and you want everything to be basically perfect, well this could happen with a help of a wedding planner as it is their job to look into each and every minute detail to give you a dream wedding as desired by you. Also due to huge gatherings and series of ceremonies and custom rituals in Indian weddings, one cannot handle the stress on their own and make choices or decisions with a free mind, there is when the need for a Wedding Planner arises, who can do all of that for you on your Stressful day.

8) Plan your dream Destination Wedding: Now that a new culture of the destination wedding is taking place in the Indian wedding scenario, wedding planners will be your savior in that case because you would not jump in an unknown place for getting married with no idea of any wedding vendors in that place and especially about the best ones.

Wedding planners are the key to get and arrange a dream destination wedding for you as they deal with vivid kinds of destination weddings and can also clarify all of your doubts and inhibitions about destination weddings. They also suggest you the best of best destinations according to your budget for your dream wedding and execute your dream wedding effortlessly.

9) Curation and personal Customization

While you are marrying your love, wedding planners are working towards your dream wedding. Their main objective and focus lie in making your day the most desirable one not just for you and the family but anyone who is going to present on your wedding day.

Wedding planners decide, plan and execute your wedding plans upon deciding and discussing with you and executing it as you always wanted your wedding to be. Even considering the smallest of your needs and preferences and giving detailed keen on all the rituals and ceremonies.

10) They will work in sync with three major factors: Time, Resource & Your budget:

Time is very precious. wedding planners will do the hard work for you and save you valuable time. The difficulties in the planning of any weddings are mainly related to the ratio of time in developing to the execution of the wedding. They shall achieve more, better, and at a faster pace with meeting all the deadlines, prioritizing tasks, and also making decisions based on the resources available in sync with the given and mentioned budget. At times it will be difficult for you to work within your budget, so it’s better you hand over your tasks to a wedding planner. they shall shortlist and execute according to all your needs, timing, budget, vendor management in the best way possible.

Cheers !!

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